We have had some interest recently from customers asking about Troy's personal layout. We have decided to feature a section at a time.  Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these pictures and maybe get some inspiration from them.  A little background first.....

We are a 3 generation model railroading family. Starting with Robert / Pap and his American Flyer train  he received from his parents as a child and introducing his young son Troy / Dad with a Marx set. Now we move onto Joe / Son also introduced when he was young as a Christmas gift he received a G scale Bachmann logging set.  Presently they all have grown and advanced from their early beginnings in the hobby and will share some of our favorite parts of all three of their layouts.

This photo is from Troy's layout. This is view from the second level of the layout. The wooden bridge that you can see is a piece that we found at an antique store and Troy knew he wanted to use it at some point on his layout. It was from a model railroaders club out of Sunbury, PA and had a date plate of 1941 on it. Way to cool not to use in his layout. There will be pictures that follow that will show just how unique and cool of a find this was.  Many of the trees in the background Troy himself made and others bought from various manufactures'.  He has made all of his mountains out of foam, plaster paris, and cast his own rock faces. Again we will feature this more in future pictures.  We will update photos periodically so keep checking back there is a lot of detail to see!

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If you are interested in a particular area of the layout or the technique Troy used email us and we will try to feature a section that you are interested in! You can email us in the CONTACT US section by selecting the DROP US A LINE action button.